dimanche 10 août 2014

Things to Eat at Hussainabad Food Street in Karachi

Hussainabad is one of the most famous food streets of Karachi. Located in the heart of Azizabad, it is the recreation spot for many families, groups of friends, and foodies alike. There is a variety of different foods available at Hussainabad, and you can even order different things from different shops, all at the same time (talk about uber Ala Carte system). It is one of the liveliest places I've ever set foot upon, with the hustle bustle going strong even at 3 am. This street comes to life after sun down (in the mornings, it's like curfew in the area, complete quiet and peace) but once the shops open around 7 pm, there isn't any stopping.
Despite the horror of parking your car or even managing to get through the street in your car without having to wait around 15 minutes and without honking continuously, it is an amazing place for all foodies who want to treat their taste palettes but can't go all the way to Burns Road for it. And to be honest, the noise and honking add up to the milieu of the food street itself so it might seem disturbing when you read about it here, in the sanctity of your homes, but your ears will get tuned to the noise once you are on the spot.
A huge problem occurs when you want to order food but get confused with the tens of options available in Hussainabad. So, here are a few options for you to explore, or rather, be safe with:
Karachi Haleem - Yes, the ultimate Haleem maker of the city has a shop in Hussainabad too. Karachi Haleem is probably the Desi Man's McDonald's. Once you see the board, you know you're safe and you know you won't go hungry. So for those who don't want to risk it, go to Karachi Haleem and order chicken or beef haleem. You'll be safe.
Food Center - Yes, another major street food 'brand'. Food center has a branch in Hussainabad and is pretty much like a dolled and decked up Barbie Princess in the midst of cloth woven rag dolls. It's pretty, it is air conditioned, and they serve amazing fried Brain Masala with "Karak Naan". If you are going with your family and aren't fond on sitting on the roadside, Food Centre is the option for you.
The shop opposite Food Center - For some odd reason, I always forget the name of the option. It's not like it is a small stall or anything, but it is just one of those names that my mind can never register. Nevertheless, this shop serves heavenly butter kababs. Yes, they fry the kababs in butter and you will end up licking or biting your own fingers off after you are done, they are that tasty.