dimanche 15 mars 2020

Coronavirus: the departments where the French flock the most to supermarkets

The panic continues in supermarkets in France. After an unusual peak of sales observed for Saturday 29 February, with in particular double the amount of pasta sold compared to a traditional Saturday, the figures confirm this: the French are making reservations for fear of the coronavirus epidemic. During the entire week from February 24 to March 1, 2020, the sales of mass consumer products (food products, cleaning and hygiene products) increased by + 6.2% in turnover, according to the data. of the Nielsen Institute identified by LSA. With peaks of + 7.8% on Saturday 29 February and also of + 21.4% on Sunday 1 March compared to the normal average.

Nielsen also provides top 10 sales by department for the week of February 24 through March 1. And it is Île-de-France that wins the prize: sales of consumer products have increased by + 15.5% on average in the region. The Hauts-de-Seine department comes first with a + 21% increase in sales, followed by the Yvelines at + 20% and Paris at + 18%. Then follow the departments of Val-d'Oise (+ 15%), Essone (+ 15%), Val-de-Marne (+ 14%), Seine-et-Marne (+ 14%) and from Seine-Saint- Denis (+ 13%).

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The departments of Île-de-France therefore occupy the first eight places in this top 10. In ninth position we find the department of Hérault (34), which recorded a growth in sales in the last week of February. consumer products by + 13%. And in tenth position Haute-Garonne (31) at + 12%. More surprisingly, the most contaminated geographical areas at the end of February (called "clusters") did not necessarily register such significant sales peaks. Supermarkets around Creil, in Oise (60), recorded an average increase in sales of + 11%. The same is true for the Morbihan department (56), which saw an increase in consumer product sales of between + 3 and + 5% in the same week.

protect yourself and prepare for coronavirus

Comments on the protection and prevention of coronavirus
The World Health Organization and Demarcation of Coronavirus Diseases and the number of agency-related cases in the world. Peuvent's databases are endorsed by the publisher of your right to risk or disinfect other people.
Pair Amelia Nierenberg
You can do the following:
If you feel bad, rest with the house
Wash these elnätet. Avec du savon. Ensuite, lavez-les à nouveau.
Rester reported
The coronavirus begins to spread worldwide, with more than 127,000 confirmed cases and more than 5,000 inhabitants. Aux États-Unis, you can find 1,297 cases and over 35 articles, including a New York Times database.
With children, happy children, continuation and adequate flu vaccination.
Ne stockez pas les masques
Concerned about the scholarship? Breathe deeply.
More information on medicine, medications and resources.
"Nous savons qu'il and aura des milliers d'autres cas," according to jeudi matine's vice president Mike Pence on NBC's "Today" television network. These lyrics by arenor quelques heures seulement after anonymous president Trump, in a speech to national television, restoration times in the travel supplement for Ettats-Unis and Provençal de visse partier de Europa.

Coronavirus is the most common virus. The people identified, the cells that are the health problems of sous-jacents and the cells that do not belong to the social security fillet, are those that are most vulnerable to infection and social problems.
When you see the phone that contains all the necessary connections, there is a message that can be useful.
Le plus viktigt: ne paniquez pas. With a list of articles and simple articles, you can help increase your comments, prepare your family, and do your part to protect others.

mardi 18 octobre 2016

New book for my follwers ( The Complete Running and Marathon Book)

 The Complete Running and Marathon Book

For anybody like running — from beginners to those looking to booster their techniques or preparing for their first marathon — The Complete Running and Marathon Book includes a comprehensive range of programs for all aspects of training.
Ideal for runners, personal trainers, coaches, and students, The Complete Running and Marathon Book features detailed anatomical artworks, user friendly step-by-step sequences, advice on optimum techniques and injury prevention, as well as guidance on running psychology

why should run ?
you might well ask yourself this all too often, runners start with plenty of enthusaism
        and run ,with maximum offort , pushing themselves through unecessary   pain barriers             and consequently  doing more harm than good




mardi 4 octobre 2016

The Complete Metabolic Cooking

Be As Happy As a Kid In A
Candy Store By Learning
The Secrets To Preparing Fast, 
Simple To Make And Healthy
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jeudi 29 septembre 2016

Top 18 Workouts for sexy body

We totally envy every toned inch of their body, whether it is the curves or the sexy muscles.Have you ever tried getting that enviable, sexy body for yourself? C'mon, put on your training shoes and get ready for these 20 best workouts by Mike Jackson - Nutritional Consultant at supplementing.com and Physique Transformation Specialist, as he will help you tone your body from head to toe.

Sexy Arms:

Workout for Sexy Body # 1: Pull ups

For pull ups, all you have to do is heave yourself up and down.

This is a good workout for the full body and this really rips the arms and shoulders into shape.


Workout for Sexy Body # 2: Later pull downs

Lateral pull downs can be done with the help of gym equipment. The machine provides a bar with weights that you can take up and down as per your requirement.

While sitting, hold the bar overhead with your hands a little more than shoulder distance and pull it down to your chest.

Once again, extend your arms and repeat until failure.

Workout for Sexy Body # 3: Bent over rows

Stand with your legs at shoulder width and knees slightly bent.

Hold dumbbells with arms straight at knee level.

Now pull your arms back, bending at the elbows and then extend them. Repeat till failure.

Sexy Chest:

Workout for Sexy Body # 4: Chest Dips

Hold yourself up on a dip bar and, make sure to keep your head down and your legs straight beneath you, lower yourself by bending your elbows, and come back up to the starting position.

Make sure to keep the movement in your chest and not in your triceps, as you are working the former.

Workout for Sexy Body # 5: Bench Press

Lie down on a flat bench, making sure that you are not arching your back, and grip the barbell with your hands shoulder-width apart, palms facing your feet, and press the barbell straight up and back down.

Doing the presses on an incline, will place more emphasis on your upper chest, whereas a decline will place more emphasis on your lower chest.

Workout for Sexy Body # 6: Cable crossovers

Stand between two pulleys, and adjust them slightly above shoulder height. Grip the pulleys, with palms facing forward and elbows slightly bent.

Contract your chest muscles, bringing your arms down below your chest and back to the starting position.

Sexy Abs:

Workout for Sexy Body # 7: Vertical leg crunch

The vertical leg crunch is similar to a regular crunch. But it requires you to keep your legs straight, which makes the abs work harder and increases the workout's intensity.

Lie down with hands behind your head

Put your legs straight up with knees crossed

Flex abs to lift head and shoulders off the floor

Lay back down

Keep legs extended in the air the whole time

Exhale when you flex; inhale when you lay back down

Do 1-3 sets with 12-16 repetitions

Workout for Sexy Body # 8: Reverse crunch

The reverse crunch was also ranked above regular crunches as the 5th best exercise for strengthening core muscles.

Lie flat on the floor with arms at your sides

Cross your feet and lift them off the floor so your knees create a 90-degree angle

Contract ab muscles and lift head and shoulders off the ground

Exhale when you contract; inhale when you lower back down

Do 1-3 sets with 12-16 repetitions

Workout for Sexy Body # 9: Ball balance

Lie on the ball and exhale, pulling your abs in a stabilize position. Now, raise your right arm in a frontward direction and left leg on the back side. Breathe and hold yourself in this position for 10 seconds.

In the meantime, using your ab and back muscles, keep the ball steady and body in a straight line.

Repeat this same exercise in with the opposite arm and left. Perform a set of 5 on each side.

In order to make this exercise harder, hold yourself in the raised position as if you are writing something in the air with your extended arm. Switch sides and repeat.

Workout for Sexy Body # 10: Elevated plank

Place your forearms on the ball and keep your fingers interlaced. Now extend your legs straight behind and take the help of your toes for support.

Now exhale, pulling your belly button towards your spine and hold yourself in this position for 30 to 60 seconds.

Make sure your back is straight and in a flat line. Give yourself a break of 30 seconds and repeat. In order to make this exercise easier, you can perform it by placing your forearms on the floor.

And, for a harder version of this exercise, move from a plank to a swiss ball. Here, try and bring your knees towards your chest and do 10 repetitions per leg.

Workout for Sexy Body # 11: Obliques

Lie on the side with the legs extended & the body in a straight line. Extend the lower arm so that it is perpendicular to the body. The palm of your hand should face the floor.

Keep the upper arm by the side, aligned with the body. Balance and slowly raise the lower shoulder (the one touching the floor) and both the legs off the floor simultaneously.

This works the side (waist) facing upwards. Come down slowly. After completing a set of certain repetitions, repeat the procedure on the other side.

Sexy Butt:

Workout for Sexy Body # 12: Lunges

Lunges exercise the same muscles as squats, but lunges make the gluteal muscles work harder to slow your body as you lower down. What's more, lunges require more stability, which engages the calves and lower back muscles.

Stand with feet hip-width apart

Hold a dumbbell in either hand; if desired

Take a big step forward with your right leg

Bend both knees to slowly lower your body

Don't bend knees more than 90 degrees and keep the front knee aligned over your front ankle

Step back to start position and repeat with left leg

For explosive lunges: jump and switch legs in midair.

Workout for Sexy Body # 13: Bridges

Without any equipment, you can tone your glutes, rectus abdominus, erector spinae, hamstrings, and adductors.

Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Slowly lift your spine, 1 vertebrae at a time, starting at your butt.

Tighten glutes and hamstrings to create a tight line from shoulders to knees.

Slowly lower your back to the floor.

Workout for Sexy Body # 14: Brazilian butt sculptor

Brazilian women are known for their beautiful curves and with this fast workout, you can firm your butt and tone your thighs to get enviable curves, too. All you need is a stability ball.

Lie face down on the ball with palms and toes on the floor -- the ball should be supporting your pelvis.

Flex glutes and lift your legs as high as you can.

Hold position for 1 count, then bring feet together for 1 count.

Separate legs and lower them to the floor.

Workout for Sexy Body # 15: Calf raise

While maintaining total body alignment, raise heals off floor and hold.

Lower slowly and repeat.

Workout for Sexy Body # 16: Step up

Position feet shoulder-width apart, pointing straight ahead

Choose a step or bench that is a comfortable height to step up on

Step forward with one foot onto the bench or step

In a simultaneous motion, step up and 'pick up' your hips on the opposite side as your step leg

Step down backwards with the same technique of holding the hip level

Sexy Lower Body:

Workout for Sexy Body # 17: Deadlifts

If your glutes and hamstrings (back of thighs) need more attention, deadlifts are the best exercise for the job. You can boost the intensity by standing on a block or board, which puts more tension on muscles. However, if your goal is to build strength, you can lift more weight if you're not standing on an elevated surface.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart

Hold a barbell in front of your body or two dumbbells at your sides

Look forward, and keep arms straight and knees slightly bent

Slowly bend hip joint - not waist - and knees, and lower weights as far as you can without bending your back

Squeeze glutes and lift weight back up

For beginners: Take 4 seconds to lower down and 2 seconds to rise up

Do 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions

Workout for Sexy Body # 18: Standing seesaw

This simple workout targets outer thighs, hips, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. All you need is one dumbbell and a step to stand on.

Place right foot on the step and let left leg hang off the side

Hold dumbbell in right hand and place left hand on your hip

Flex abs and keep back and legs straight

Slowly lift left leg out to the side as high as you can and raise right arm straight out to shoulder level, palm down

mardi 27 septembre 2016

Six Natural Ways That Can Help improve Your Immune System

The immune system is the body defense system that defends against infectious microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It responds by attacking the organisms that tend to invade the body and cause diseases. However, at times, due to various reasons, the system gets overpowered, and the microorganisms will invade the body and make it sick. They also destroy the white blood cells in the body, hence making the body susceptible to various other diseases if one is not treated. The immune system needs to be strong at all times so that it can have a better response. One can use drugs or even have natural ways, such as taking the best organic supplements to help boost the immunity.
Some of the natural ways that one can boost their immunity include:

Living a healthy lifestyle
This is important as it helps the body to function well and also boosts the immune system. Living healthy means that the

healthy components are very beneficial to the body at all times. Some healthy lifestyle ways are exercising regularly, eating healthy, balanced meals full vegetables, fruits sand whole grain, not smoking, get regular medical checkups, etc.

Taking herbal supplements
Various best organic supplements will help boost the immune system and also protect the body from potential infections and diseases. The supplements can be prescribed and taken as tablets or capsules each day. Supplements such as Vitamin C will help prevent and treat ailments such as the common cold. Some herbs can be taken raw or added into food, and they will work in your system in various ways.

Do away with stress
Stress brings about a lot of ailments such as stomach upsets, heart diseases because stress causes the adrenal glands to produce epinephrine and cortisol which cause stress to your body system. Psychological stress can bring about colds and flu. One can be involved in stress elevating activities such as meditation or massage so that they can bring about positive change to the immune systems and body. Having positive thoughts and getting time to laugh is important too.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet
This means taking foods that have the essential nutrients that the body needs, hence the immune system is boosted. Foods rich in zinc, Vitamin A & C, iron, and selenium are very good in assisting the immune system function well as they act as powerful antioxidants hence keeping infections and diseases away. Vegetables and fruits can be used as an alternative to the best organic supplements as they perform the same function

Exercising regularly helps the body in very many ways, and it will also contribute to maintaining a healthy immune system. When you exercise, it relaxes the body, hence there is improved blood circulation which allows the substances and cells of the immune system to move through the body as they protect the body. You don't have to do vigorous exercises, but you can do walks, cycle or light exercise so long as you keep fit.

Sleep well
Eight hours of sleep is what is recommended for every human being. Sleep is essential in building up your system, hence you will likely have lower chances of contracting the flu as the body will fight it off effectively. Sleep depreciation activates the stress response, depresses the immune systems and elevates inflammatory chemicals. It later raises the risk of getting common colds and in 
children, it causes respiratory infections.
It is important to take care of your body where the system is very important. When small babies breastfeed, the milk from their mother contains antibodies which help boost their immune system.

mardi 2 août 2016

115 recipes for building muscle free book for my followers

If you want to know how to build muscle and burn fat by eating healthy, delicious meals that are easy to cook and easy on your wallet, then you want to read this book.
Do you lack confidence in the kitchen and think that you just can't cook great food?
Are you not sure of how to prepare food that is not only delicious and healthy but also effective in helping you build muscle and lose fat?
Are you afraid that cooking nutritious, restaurant-quality meals is too time-consuming and expensive?
If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, don't worry--you're not alone. And this book is the answer: With it, you can cook fast, healthy, and tasty meals every day (and on a reasonable budget) that will help you build muscle or lose weight, regardless of your current skills.
The Shredded Chef is more than just a bunch of recipes, though. It's going to teach you the true scientific basics of gaining muscle and losing fat, because bad diet advice is an epidemic these days.
In this book, you're going to learn how to eat right without having to obsess over every calorie. These 9 scientifically proven rules for eating are the foundation of every great physique, and they have nothing to do with following weird diets or depriving yourself of everything that tastes good.
And the recipes themselves? In this book you'll find 114 healthy, flavorful recipes specifically designed for athletes that want to build muscle or lose fat. Regardless of your fitness goals, this book has got you covered.
Here's a "sneak peek" of the recipes you'll find inside:
18 fast, delicious breakfast recipes like Peanut Butter Power Oatmeal, French Muscle Toast, High-Protein Banana Oatcakes, Lean and Mean Zucchini Hash Brown, Macho Mexican Scramble and more. Whether you're trying to burn fat or build muscle, you'll find recipes that will help you get there.
18 mouthwatering chicken dishes like Chicken Stroganoff, Tasty Thai Chicken, Jerk Chicken Stir Fry, Honey-Garlic Chicken, and more. Forget boring chicken dishes, even when cutting!
14 tasty beef recipes like Low-Fat Russian Beef Stroganoff, Lean Bison Burgers, Vietnamese Beef Noodles, Meathead Meatballs, and more. Enjoy beef like never before with these creative recipes and you'll even find low-calorie beef dishes designed for losing weight!
10 savory fish and seafood recipes like Turkey Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Provencal Baked Halibut, Salmon Burgers, Tasty Tuna Melt, and more. Never again settle for flavorless, unappetizing fish and seafood--these recipes will have you singing praises for the sea!
7 hearty, healthy pasta recipes like Chicken Pesto Pasta, Asparagus & Goat Cheese Pasta, Classic Pasta Bolognese, Beef Lasagna, Chicken Fettuccine with Mushrooms, and more. Each of the pasta dishes are high in protein, making them great muscle-building treats.
14 awesome side dishes like Wasabi Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potato Fries, Hot 'n Healthy Brown Rice, Zucchini Risotto, Couscous Salad, and more. You're going to love mixing and matching these side dishes with the entrees and discovering your favorite combinations!
5 delectable desserts like Key Lime Pie, Peach Cobbler, Chocolate Protein Mousse, Banana Cream Pie, and more. These sugar-free desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth without the calorie overload!
And more! (I haven't even mentioned the recipes for pork, salads, protein shakes, protein bars, and snacks...)